Dec 2020

2 PhD scholars (High Throughput Inorganic Synthesis)
2 PhD scholars (Density Functional Theory: Electrons/Phonons)
1 Research Fellow (Density Functional Theory: Electrons/Phonons)
Multiple Research Fellows (High Throughput Inorganic Synthesis)

Our Interests

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Our Philosophy

The rational design of functional materials is typically a complicated process, as the materials space is vast and unexplored. Data-driven approaches via Machine Learning and high-throughput automated experiments provide new knobs to navigate these complex parameter spaces, accelerating materials discovery. 

In our lab, we aspire to understand fundamental heat and charge transport from the nanoscale to the bulk, building from nanowires, two-dimensional materials, hybrid and bulk materials. In particular, we are interested in interactions between electrons, phonons and photons in nanoscale materials and how these can be manipulated to design and create novel functional devices, specifically for renewable energy technologies such as thermoelectrics, PV and thermo-photovoltaics.

We are uniquely positioned to combine the data-driven methodology with deep domain expertise towards materials-by-design.

Traditional Delivery of Latest News

Accelerated Delivery of Latest News

16 Dec 2017    Shadow Mask technique to measure thermoelectric
                        powerfactor of thin films. 
 Editor's Pick! Published in Review of Scientific Instruments
03 Mar 2017    High Thermoelectric Powerfactor in 2D MoS2​, 
                         Published in Physical Review B
25 Aug 2017   Ultralow Thermal Conductivity of Single-Crystalline
                        Porous Silicon Nanowires, 
                        Published in Advanced Functional Materials
31 May 2017    Effect of dimensionality on thermoelectric
                         powerfactor of molybdenum disulfide, 
                         Published in Journal of Applied Physics
06 Mar 2017    Thermal Conductance of the 2D MoS2/h-BN and
                         graphene/h-BN Interfaces​, 
                         Published in Scientific Reports
18-23 June 2017 ICMAT: 9th International Conference on
                           Materials for Advanced Technologies
                                  Symposium DD: Advanced Materials for Thermoelectrics
27 Jan 2017     Anomalously low electronic thermal conductivity
                        in metallic vanadium dioxide. Published in Science       
                              Featured in: LBL News, Forbes, Indian Express, Materials Today

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